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Robyn Truelove twitter blog

Well, the Robyn Truelove event last night was a right old success and you can now see all of Robyn’s filthy answers over at Television X. I reckon she did a pretty good job and definitely showed how dirty she is.


Claudia Rossi and Jay Snake together again (in a threesome)


Claudia Rossi in fuckspace 3

Real life couple Claudia Rossi and Jay Snake team up yet again in the latest Fuckspace and the chemistry between these two is undeniable. I think its great to see them working more together as sexual sparks are quite hard to fake, but what you see on camera between these two is all real. Of course an added bonus in this video is that Jenna X (hot blonde and giant tits) gets involved too. Plus this time, it’s not just Claudia on “prev cam”; Jay snake himself can’t resist having a go at a bit of behind the camera action too!


Happy Days

jay snake fuckspace 2

Happy Bank Holiday Monday all. I trust you have all enjoyed the free access to Television X this weekend just as much as I’m sure Jay Snake enjoyed making Fuckspace 2. The lucky guy gets not one but two stunning girls when girlfriend Claudia can’t resist getting in on the action with her man and Valery. With Claudia on perv cam duties there are some amazing camera shots in this. Seeing as its so sunny and all I plan on spending the rest of the day chilling in the local beer garden; excellent stuff.


Introducing Jimmy Hunt

Keisha Kane

So I hope you are all enjoying your free porn this weekend. And the weather too of course; I’ve just got back from an awesome beer garden and a slap up pub meal. Happy days.

If it’s a good laugh (as well as a good porno) you are after this weekend I would start with the lastest from Jobs For The Boys. In this adventure Clarke Kent is motor racing legend “Jimmy Hunt” – the fastest man on the planet. What filthy mechanic Keisha Kane wants to know is how fast he is off the track though.


Happy Holidays

Television X free porn

I have been so busy lately I’m really glad we’ve got another Bank Holiday coming up this weekend; four-day weeks put a bigger smile on my face than Robyn Truelove, and that’s saying something. There is a really special treat I have to share with you all this particular weekend too… FREE (my favourite word) PORN (my second favourite word). Yup, that’s right, I tell no lie; there is going to be free access to from Saturday 23rd to Monday 25th May. All you need is the magic code…




These Girls are definitely Allowed

Angel Long Girls Allowed 3


How much am I LOVING the Girls Allowed series? LOTS. That’s how much. I think Simon moneybags Cowell ought to take note; this is how to do it. It’s pure genius in my opinion; not only has it got some of the fittest British girls in (that could actually give Girls Aloud a run for their money – especially the ginger one) but its pretty entertaining too. The third episode in features Angel Long getting spit-roasted, dp’d and finishes with a double facial. This show doesn’t take itself seriously, it’s a lot of fun, something I feel is lacking in a lot of modern porn. However, in terms of delivering in standard of porn and girls, it’s ticking all my boxes.


“extremely sexually explicit” content..

Warning adult content

I laughed my arse off when I heard this… Apparently we’ve been very naughty here at Television X we are just too goddam hardcore. Last I heard that was a good thing right guys? Well, the fun sponges at OFCOM failed to agree with us and we are the only channel to get a fine. The full story states we were done for:

“extremely sexually explicit material” 

Well, if that’s what you’re into, you know where to go. Television X     

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