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Claudia Rossi and Jay Snake together again (in a threesome)


Claudia Rossi in fuckspace 3

Real life couple Claudia Rossi and Jay Snake team up yet again in the latest Fuckspace and the chemistry between these two is undeniable. I think its great to see them working more together as sexual sparks are quite hard to fake, but what you see on camera between these two is all real. Of course an added bonus in this video is that Jenna X (hot blonde and giant tits) gets involved too. Plus this time, it’s not just Claudia on “prev cam”; Jay snake himself can’t resist having a go at a bit of behind the camera action too!


Happy Days

jay snake fuckspace 2

Happy Bank Holiday Monday all. I trust you have all enjoyed the free access to Television X this weekend just as much as I’m sure Jay Snake enjoyed making Fuckspace 2. The lucky guy gets not one but two stunning girls when girlfriend Claudia can’t resist getting in on the action with her man and Valery. With Claudia on perv cam duties there are some amazing camera shots in this. Seeing as its so sunny and all I plan on spending the rest of the day chilling in the local beer garden; excellent stuff.


Jay Snake’s Coming Home

Jay snake dirty postcards 5

Perhaps that lot off the apprentice last week should have taken a bit of inspiration from Jay Snake about ways to re-invent Margate. This is the final episode in the Dirty Postcards series, and if I got to have as much fun as Mr.Snake I would definitely be booking my next holiday to the seaside resort. The final episode sees newcomer Kaycee (who happens to have a cracking pair of giant tits) loving getting the Jay Snake treatment.


Fuckspace: The Sexual Networking site

penelope heart sex with Jay snake

Trust Jay Snake  to have a ‘Fuckspace’ profile; a site, which enables hot and horny people to network. In his first successful meeting he is lucky enough to have a date with Penelope a young student type. I mentioned a few weeks ago that young Penelope had caught my eye; I’ve always thought that the short pixie style hair is hard for girls to pull off, and generally I am a fan of the longer locks on a girl, but, I reckon that Penelope rocks what I would normally consider a bit of a lesbo look! I’m looking forward to seeing more of this girl.


Nicola finds a snake in the dungeon



Hot teen Nicola finds a snake in a dungeon in Margate but luckily she doesn’t have to call pest control because it’s only Mr. Jay Snake! Instead she gets down to some hardcore fucking,  which is what we like to see really! Sophie looks hot in her sexy long green dress, but let’s be fair, she looks way hotter out of it! Let’s see more of this hottie say I!


Jay Snake: 5 billion girls, Me: zero


What is with Jay Snake that all the girls want to fuck him? I mean, sure he’s tall, gorgeous (so the ladies in the office tell me) and has a massive schlong… and me, y’know, I’m pretty small, a bit furry, and er, I have paws. Okay, okay, so I can see why the girls automatically prefer Mr Snake.

In this episode of Dirty Postcards, blonde hottie Conchita is blushing so much under Jay’s steamy gaze that you’d think she caught the sun in her native Spain!

These two go at it like rabbits on the bar (something I’ve always fantasised about actually) and then once again on the pool table. Raunchy stuff!


Keisha Kane bangs Jay Snake in a car park


Keisha Kane is cash-strapped up in Margate, touting her wares in a grimy car-park. Luckily, Jay Snake rolls up in his VW van like a knight in shining armour, or, at the very least, a freshly car-washed van! I know you all like to watch Keisha in some boy-girl hanky-panky as much as I do, after all, UKAFTA awards don’t get given to pornobabes for no reason!

Keisha gets down to some good old fashioned sucking off once ensconced in the back of Jay’s shagging wagon. The pair go at it hammer and tongs in this second filthy instalment of Dirty Postcards.