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Robyn Update

Robyn Truelove

Just to let you know for certain, Robyn Truelove will be online this weekend from 7-9pm answering any questions you have for her. From what I know about her, the dirtier the question the more she will love it. All her answers will be going up at

To see some of Robyn’s best bits check out this viral of her. 

Make sure you are following Robyn on twitter at


It’s all about Robyn!

Robyn Truelove On Twitter

I have a BIG announcement for you all today.  As a huge Robyn Truelove fan, I have to admit there is a huge amount of personal excitement about what I am about to share with you all… Robyn will be doing an online chat event on the 30th May. This will be held on Twitter and will last 4 hours!  The blonde bombshell (or goddess if you will) has agreed to answer any questions you have for her. I’ll keep you updated about times and so on, there will be an official release later on the TVX website, but as the mole, I bring you all the news first.  So keep your diaries free and get thinking of everything you’ve ever dreamed of asking her, because at last you’re going to get answers lads. Make sure you are following her on Twitter…


Jobs For The Boys is back!



Clarke Kent returns soon fulfilling every dream role you’ve ever fantasised about (that is, other than banging your favourite pornobabes which he does anyway). In the first episode he’s a mild mannered gynaecologist with a secret identity- as a super hero! He’s blagged it with Tia Layne from the Fuck Ghetto before you can say “Er, mate, did you just come out of that phone box?”

I’ve had a quick gander at some of the other episodes and I can’t wait to see Robyn dressed as a pirate, and cute blonde Belle as an air hostess. I’ve not seen much of Belle but I like her sexy girl next door look. It makes me want to corrupt her! Although, I get the feeling that it’d be more her corrupting me.


Smoking Cynthia



Cynthia, despite describing at length her life as a eastern European call-girl, manages to be one of the weirdest but classiest birds that Jim Slip’s screwed lately. I think it’s mostly the long black gloves. Long black gloves on any girl will go a long way to making them look classy. She looks hot smoking as well, and Jim can barely contain himself watching her puff away. To be fair, I’d quite like to have a hot Czech babe feeling me up whilst wearing those gloves so I’m a wee bit envious of him. Not enough to not recommend watching this though!


Playboy Offer

Alright guys, this offer is too good to keep to myself so I’ve even gone and done a little bonus blog today, just for you lot. (Don’t say I never do anything for you!)

As I’m sure you know, Television X have just launched the new site, and it looks splendiferous if I do say so myself.

Well, here’s some more news for you;  come to Television X, you get your subscription for half price. Not half bad eh? I know I am a bit biased, being the TVX mole and all, but seeing as this deal will give you get twice the channels for half the price, it’s rocket science to work out you would be a fool not to jump at this offer. 



Syren Sexton in the director’s chair

syren directing calling the shots

Is there no end to Syren Sexton talents? Er, no, would be the answer to that! Syren slips behind the camera this week to direct Greek stud Demetri bang cute little Harmony hex’s brains out. Syren, being fit and clever, has come out with a naughty army-esque scenario that sees Demetri ‘drilling’ Harmony, ho ho! Anyways, it’s a sleepy Sunday as everyone’s gearing up for a 4 day week (woo-hoo!) so you may as well spend it watching this steamy vid.


Damian gets disciplined by Lala and Keisha

damian, lala and keisha in heavy petting

Pretty much everyone and their dog saw Mr Damian Duke on Channel Four at the beginning of the week, including his delightful description of his experiences of granny-porn. Rather you than me mate! As much as I’m not sure how eager I would be to dress up like a puppy (if it was a mole then you could sign me right up hahaha!) I am pretty envious of the fact he gets to bang these two ebony hotties. Keisha, Lala, if you’re listening then there’s a bad bad mole here who needs a good telling off!