Top 5 DP Videos

dp michelle b

1.    Daria Glower in Corsetry
This chick is just stunningly beautiful and whilst she’s obviously a dirty dirty girl, she manages to convey a sense of elegance and class rarely seen in porn. Maybe it’s because she’s one of those girls that knows actions speak louder than words and she doesn’t need to over do it on her sex-noises to let you know she’s having a good time!

2.    Michelle B in The Adventures Of Badcock & Barrett
Michelle B loves getting cocks up her, both her fanny and her bum-crack. So it’s no surprise to anyone that she loves two at once! In this new hardcore vid she’s getting egged on by the utterly filthy Lolly Badcock, whilst Keiran Lee and Demetri go at her holes. Plus she’s wearing glasses- HOT!

3.    Renee Richards in The Demise Of Renee Richards
It’s no secret that The Demise Of Renee Richards is Miss Renee’s way of leaving on a high and it’s fitting that the final episode is a DP one. This is the only place you can see Renee get one up the bum and one up her love-hole.

4.    Laura Michaels in Maximum Perversions
This is one of Laura’s really early videos and there’s just something about how young she looks combined with how ultra-filthy she is that really does it for me in this. I love her tiny tits and the yelping noises she makes as she gets two cocks inside her!

5.    Katie K, Sasha and FayeX in Katie K’s Teen Rampage
Well, obviously, this one stands out in the list of best DP videos for it’s notable lack of dick. Doesn’t matter chums, Katie’s hot, Sasha’s hot and Faye is hot. 3 sexy young girls, a barrage of sex toys, 2 holes plugged- job done!

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