Introducing Merlin…

merlin and syren sexton

Merlin is pretty new on the scene and, lucky bastard that he is, got to bang Syren Sexton recently. Being the jealous type conflicts with my moley inquisitiveness so I interviewed him all the same…
I hear you’re a bit of a rocker, was the ‘70s you favourite decade for rock?

The 80’s was my favourite as Iron Maiden were big then. But I do like some of the 70’s rock.

What was your costume like and what was your favourite bit of it?

I loved my costume. Everyone said I looked good in the spandex leggings.

What was Syren Sexton like to work with?

She was heavenly to work with and I can’t wait to work with her again.

Do you think Syren looked especially hot in her 70’s costume?

She did look very hot in it! I loved the hair they did on her.

Were there any funny experiences on set?

Apart from the doorbell going at random points, we did have a laugh through out the shoot.

If you got the chance to make your own spoof porno, what would you spoof and who would you cast?

There would be so many. I have thought of one really funny one though “karate cock”.

Check out Syren’s other videos for an idea of how heavenly it might be to work with her.

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