A good set of puppies

shay hendrix puppy

Everyone I know seems to getting a new pet at the moment, and if it wasn’t for the fact I live in a flat I’d be seriously considering getting a puppy. Spring is the ideal time to get a dog and take it for walks in the park and really get some exercise. When you get a pet you never quite know what it’s personality could be like, whether it’ll match yours, that kind of thing. I’d love to have a cute happy puppy like Shay Hendrix in Heavy Petting. She looks like she needs a bit of training but she’d be very enthusiastic giving it a go.

damian duke puppy

The girls in the office reckon they’d like a bad puppy that they can be really strict on like Lala and Keisha Kane do with Damian Duke in the final episode of Heavy Petting. What does that say about the differences between guys and girls and their, ahem, ‘training techniques’.

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