Interview: Clare 40 dd


Hi Clare, how are you doing? I just finished watching your episode of Omar’s Big Tit Virgins again! It’s pretty raunchy. You and Omar get very hot and heavy pretty quick and to be honest your episode is one of the raunchiest interracial scenes I’ve scene in a while. Are interracial scenes a favourite of yours to film?
I love all scenes but I must admit interracial is something I enjoy, especially when its as big as Omar’s! There’s just something about black on white.

What was it like to work with Omar?
Omar’s a very sexy guy with a huge cock. I loved squirting all over it! He is also very funny and down to earth; a pleasure to shoot with.

Do you have any funny stories from the shoot that you can tell us? The naughtier the better!
No sorry I was too busy enjoying myself. It actually didn’t take that long to film because we just got down and dirty.

You’re a very busty girl, would you say that your boobs are your best feature?
I’m very proud of my boobs! A lot of guys like my tits and eyes, so yes.

What made you decide to get into porn?
Actually quite funny as I didn’t mean to. I was flicking through a newspaper one day and saw an advert for amateur models; I’ve always been impulsive and rang it for a laugh! Then I actually followed through it through did a blowjob scene and the guy said I was good. I really enjoyed it. It wasn’t at all seedy, so then I searched the net for companies and did my first dvd with Tracey’s Videos. Since then I’ve shot with loads of different companies. I love the buzz of being on camera and knowing guys are watching my stuff and getting turned on!

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