Stefan Hard gets, er, hard for Syren Sexton


Hi Stefan, how’s it going? It was brill watching you and Syren go at it last week but I must say I was a bit jealous…

Do you ever watch ‘70s porn?

Erm, not seen any ever.

What is Syren Sexton like to work with?

Syren is lovely to work with! Who wouldn’t wanna work with her, she’s a gorgeous girl.

What was your first thought when you saw Syren dressed up all ‘70s?

Well as dated outfits go, her outfit wasn’t too bad in my scene. She looked hot!

What did you think of your costume and what was your favourite bit of it?

My costume was hilarious, especially my 70’s footballer wig!!! The shirt I had on wasn’t that bad to be honest but my favourite part was definitely the shoes! They were quite swanky!

Do you enjoy shooting spoof porno?

Of course! It’s great getting dressed up in funny costumes and having to act a little!

Please describe your dream spoof porno and who you would cast in it?

Ooh I’d love to do a sequel to the spoof that me and Mark Sloan did! We starred in a spoof of Little Britain and I’d just love to do another one as we had such a laugh making that!

Thanks mate! Hope to see you again soon.

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