I swear I’ve seen that glittery butt-plug before

Calling The Shots Paige Ashley

There’s a new show on tonight which I may have mentioned before. It’s called Calling The Shots and the very first episode is airing tonight on TVX, Sky channel 903. It’s directed by Renee Richards and stars Paige Ashley, Mark Sloan, Keni Styles, Andy Mann and Tony James. The whole thing with Calling The Shots is that it gives our top girls the chance to direct their own porno scene. They can use their own experiences and call upon all their filthiest filmed moments to inspire them to create even more filth for us to enjoy. And my word does Renee have a proper filthy mind! She decided to recreate the orgy scene in Kurbick’s Eyes Wide Shut. Paige is resplendent in a Venetian mask and glittery butt plug; a glittery butt plug that looks awfully familiar. I know I’ve definitely seen that up Paige’s bum before so familiar is it that I’ve quizzed the office to see if anyone else remembers what other show she’s stuck it up her back passage before. Luckily someone else has a more pornographic memory than me and we’ve managed to pinpoint it back to this episode of The Demise Of Renee Richards. Enjoy this double-helping of Paige and her butt plugs this weekend!

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