Sexy Starr takes over TVX

Bionic Starr

It’s the start of Bionic MILF tonight, our new series which sees Starr as a shagging superhero. She is Jamie Sprinkles, boring housewife run down and bionically rebuilt to save the British public from their rubbish sex lives. In the first episode some poor groom-to-be is lamenting the fact his wife-to-be won’t let him do her up the poop shoot. Starr to the rescue folks! She’s one MILF babe that absolutely loves it up the bum, so she turns up at his stag do, does a quick pole dance (as you do) and then gets it on so he can have one last anal-fling before he gets his bird up the aisle.
We’ve got a whole night of Starr shows after that, including Cum Bi With Me, Wet Dreams (which gives me wet dreams about her and Avalon) and Party Animals, where she’s a total filth-bucket.
It’s going to be an awesome night, and it’s not like anyone’s got any money to be in the pub so you really have no excuse!!

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