Interview with Holly D

Holly D in Heavy Petting

Hi Holly….
I’m sure everyone’s dying to know first off, how did you get into porn? Have you always been a fan in your personal life or was it just something you felt you had a calling for?

Well, my partner and I have been going to fetish clubs for quite some time and whenever we go we would always end up fucking. This would always draw a huge crowed. So it was then that I realised how much people liked to watch me fuck and how much I like being watched. Porn is the perfect career choice for me because it means I get to fuck in front of people all the time and I get paid for it!

You’ve got some pretty awesome tattoos. Which is your favourite?

Thank you. My favourite is my Joker tattoo. I’m a huge Batman fan and it’s taken from the artwork of one of my favourite graphic novels.

You’ve got quite a different look to you, really sexy, and natural boobs. There seems to be more and more alternative girls like you in porn these days. Is there anyone you’d really like to work with?
Yeah, Belladonna, the original alt girl! And Joanna Angel of Burning Angel. And I wish Vikki Blows or Alex Sim-Wise did porn!

I know you’re a big comics fan. What is your favourite comic book and why?
I read DC comics, mainly Batman. My favourite book was Arkham.

You’re in an upcoming show for us called Heavy Petting. What was that like to film?
That was lots of fun. I do a lot of stuff like that in my private life so I had a bit of practice before the shoot.

I think you look a bit like Catwoman. Rawwrr! Sexy. Are you a fan of Catwoman?

Yeah, Catwoman is awesome!

What’s your funniest story from a shoot?
Well, me and Steve Hooper, who I worked with for this shoot, have worked together a couple of times now and we joke that we never get to do a “normal” shoot together. We have done this one where I was roleplaying as a cat and another where we were dressed as a caveman and cave girl!

What’s the filthiest thing you’ve ever got up to both personally and professionally?
Probably going to bukkake parties! They’re fun.

Thanks Holly! I look forward to seeing more naughty films with you in!
Thank you, I look forward to being in more naughty films.

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