Interview: Jet Black

Jet Black

Hello Jet, you ebony goddess!

You’re really popular on Call Girls. What made you decide to join our team?
I just wanted to work with other sexy girls.

Yep, I don’t blame you. They are pretty sexy. I’m jealous of you! Do you find being on Call Girls effects your personal relationships?
No, not at all. Men think it’s great as they think you are famous!

No doubt. I can think of many men who’d love to get it on with you. What would be your favourite sex act to do on them?
Shagging them up the arse with a strap-on.

Saucy minx! What’s the weirdest thing a caller has ever asked you?
To give my wrist watch a tit wank. So I did, and I felt like a lemon but he insisted this was a turn-on!?!

And finally, what’s next for Jet Black?
That’s a secret!

Yeah that’s okay…. I can keep secrets! No? Okay then….

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled on the Television X website for Jet’s full interview!

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