Havana wearing only thigh-high socks

So I mentioned the other day about Miss Sasha Grey being the new muff, sorry I mean face, of American Apparel. I was talking to a lady-friend of mine about this when she pointed out that Havana appears to be wearing American Apparel socks. Havana seems to be going down the British Sasha Grey route. Both are incredibly slim, brunettes with killer facial features and a bit alternative. Although I guess Havana is alternative in the sense she’s punk-as-fuck and Sasha is alternative (to the norm in US porn) in that she’s just out-and-out hipster.
So this leads me neatly onto the question: who looks better wearing nowt but some thigh-high socks?

Sasha Grey - American Apparel ad

Bit of a side note, but check out this blog listing all the “porniest” American Apparel ads

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