Pornography is hip (apparently)

Havana in American Apparel

Being a prolific blogger myself, I also keep a keen eye on the porn-blog-o-sphere to see what others are scribbling about. Earlier, I was scoping out the semi-professional banter at Club1985, which I thoroughly enjoy reading as it covers both UK and US porn. (Now, I hands-down prefer UK porn but it’s nice to keep a finger on the pulse across the pond.)

So I’m reading today that hip clothing store American Apparel has signed up star of The Fashionistas 2, Sasha Grey, as their new face. She looks pretty damn hot in the ads, and you can see a fair bit of her hairy muff.

American Apparel stuff is basically what the kids who read Vice Magazine wear. (Vice being the people who did the BJ gloryhole comp I wrote about a while back with Avalon.)

Isn’t that funny, as what did I see Sasha Grey featured on the other day but Vice’s online TV thingy VBS TV. So porn is making a small transition pond-side into something acceptable for the hipsters.

And what do we get over here? So inherently British it’s unbelievable. Former TVX Links girl Lucy Pinder moves into the Big Brother house, Syren Sexton pops up in Zoo magazine and sexy Bristolian Laura Michaels plugs her hardcore personal website to Philip Schofield on This Morning. Ha, maybe Vice UK should do a focus on Laura. She’s exactly the type of feisty girl they’d like. You’ve got to be pretty gutsy to go on daytime TV and promote porn!!

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