Asian girls get banged (up)

Asian babe Natalia

Those who’ve been following the saga of ‘Kappa Girl’, the Chinese amateur pornographic actress, won’t be particularly surprised to hear that this oriental hottie is being detained by Shanghai Police.
For those that missed out on this steamy Internet sensation, ‘Kappa Girl’ is a young Chinese shop-worker, who worked in, yep you guessed it the Kappa shop. She made some raunchy home-made vids of herself getting frisky with a mysterious guy and then proliferated it about the internet. She became an overnight Internet sensation and her Kappa store was bombarded with fans. Kappa promptly sacked her for tarnishing their reputation.
Ummm, excuse me? Kappa’s reputation?! Was it just me that went to school with a whole bunch of so-called ‘Kappa Slappers’ then?
Anyway, you might not think this is anything out of the ordinary. Surely plenty of Brit shop-girls have followed this well-worn path? Well, ‘Kappa Girl’ is Chinese and pornography is illegal in China, so naturally she’s been detained by the police.

I proper love our two new oriental teens on Television X as they are both seriously hot. Sasha, who I always see getting off with Katie K in both Teen Rampage and her first ever girl/girl in Blindfold. Also super hot is Natalia* (who can also be seen as Natalie in Suburban Perversions).

*NB not the top video Dogging Diaries as that’s another Natalia.

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