Sexy Satine

Satine Spark

I’ve been following the blossoming career of our little teenaged Satine Spark with interest ever since she exploded on the blog scene, and I can’t wait until she actually explodes onto our television screens!
I was reading the blog by ChristianXXX (of Busty Brits fame) and on it, he compared cute Satine to Sasha Grey! Now, that is high praise from an American. Especially one who’s been in the industry so long. Here’s what he says about her on his blog:
Satine was an unbelievably good performer, so good in fact, that she honestly reminded me of Sasha Grey when I saw her first scene for The Fashionistas back in 2006.  She loved getting fucked, she loved sucking cock, she made noises, kept her eyes open, she talked when directed to, and finally…..she took a cum shot to her glasses without batting an eye (literally).  I can not rave about this girl enough.   If she was a US citizen, she would work every day, much like Nicole Ray and Allyssa Hall are currently.”

If that’s not a good reason to keep your eyes peeled for this blonde spectacled student at every moment possible, I’m not sure what is!

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