Robyn Truelove wants it up the wrong’un

Robyn Truelove

Not only is Robyn Truelove one of the sexiest, fittest girls on the scene, she’s also one of the filthiest and funniest! I managed to get my little mole paws on an interview a colleague of mine did with her recently. She comes across as incredibly down-to-earth, proper good sense of humour and dirty-minded to boot!
I’ve given you the best highlights nice and early before her interview goes up on the TVX site

Who are your favourite pornstars to have sex with & why?
Lolly Badcock ‘cos she’s the sexiest girl on the planet she has an amazing body and she’s well into what she does and there’s nothing worse than working with a girl that doesn’t want to lick a pussy!!!

What’s your favourite TVX scene?
My fave scene has got to be It’s A Girl Thing with you guessed it JAY SNAKE!!! Oh my god, even the camera guys were rock hard filming it, we didn’t stop fucking from the minute go, to the cum-shot, and even when they were changing the camera lightings around. It was soooo hot the room was all steamed up.

What’s next for Robyn Truelove?
I’m going back to America in the new year, then I will be introducing my anal scenes. This will be a big thing to me as it will be a new era to my career so watch out guys and girls  you will see a different side to hardcore when I’m on the anal scene. I plan to be in the industry for as long as my cunt can stand, when it drops off then I’ll retire, I’m even planning to do MILF lines haha!!!

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