What do you want to see Linsey Dawn McKenzie do?


After hearing that Linsey Dawn McKenzie has signed up to do stuff for us, I have been having a bit of a ponder about what sort of naughty stuff she might get up to on screen. And me being me, I’ve been asking people what they reckon. My pals on Babeshows have been very responsive and quite creative in their suggestions! They’ve suggested quite a lot of girl/girl activities, including anal, gang-bangs, dildos. On BGAFD there’s been one dude who’s just come up with a massive wish-list. If even half these suggestions come true then I’ll be a happy mole. I do think Linsey Dawn McKenzie is pretty hot, and I like the fact she’s representing for London Borough of Sutton. Having lived in Wallington myself, I’m proud that we’ve got Linsey as one of it’s most notable residents. Roll on the porn!

1 Response to “What do you want to see Linsey Dawn McKenzie do?”

  1. 1 mark
    December 21, 2008 at 5:02 pm

    Any teaser/preview pics of linsey new work for televison x ?

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