Katie K goes all gooey for Lolly (literally)

I got to chat to my good friend Katie K yesterday and she was telling me all about her first ever scene, Planet Lolly. It’s refreshing to hear a starlet talking about her work with such enthusiasm and grounded-ness.
Katie was telling me all about when she got her Television X subscription:
I had my head stuck in Planet Lolly and Blonde Ambition! These were my first two scenes I ever did and Planet Lolly is awesome just because of how genuine it is! I really was a young girl, just got out of college and wanted to be a huge porn star! Plus you can see that I actually, honestly really fancy Lolly and you can see the chemistry in my eyes when I look at her, it’s awesome!
I’ve been perving quite a bit on Katie lately as she’s just uploaded some photos from the UKAFTA and Erotica to her fanpage on Facebook. Apparently her and Cate Harrington played topless twister at Erotica.. mmm, that would have been a sight to see!

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