Loz Lorrimar: proving Welsh girls are hot!


I interviewed Loz Lorrimar recently for the main Television X site and I have to say she is one nice girl! I’m quite excited actually because we’ve got a new series starting next month called ‘Access All Areas’, which is all about groupies and Loz stars alongside Ben Kelly and Steve Hooper as an obsessed fan who tries to break into the VIP area. To blag her way in she gets fucked up the arse by bouncer Ben and gets DP’ed by him and bartender Steve! Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until episode four until you can see them spunking over her pretty face, but until then here’s some highlights of her interview.

What’s your favourite position?

What’s your favourite sex act?
Anal doggy while I wank my pussy.

Who are your favourite pornstars to have sex with & why?
My best porn mate Shay Hendrix. Renee Richards was awesome with her strap on, she made me gush all over the chair, so defo Renee. I Also have to mention Stefan Hard who did one of my first scenes; he is a great guy. Also Jez and Steve Hooper who are awesome guys too.

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