Exclusive 2009 News: Dirt Bike Bitch


Hot punk Havana has got her very own show starting early next year. Each episode sees her getting up to all sorts of rock-chick-mischief and getting her end away with boys and girls alike. In the very first episode you can actually see her getting a new tattoo before she ends up fucking in the tattooist’s chair. She was a total bad-ass in Girlz With Attitude and looks set to be even more so in her new show. There’s something about Havana which I find a little bit scary but ultimately, that’s what makes her sexy. She looks like the type of girl who’d be the one fucking you roughly, as opposed to the other way round! She may be slight, but she’s more woman than I could handle! Better stick to watching her on my screens…

I’ll be blogging all about the antics everyone got up to last night, with hopefully a few photos that I’ll snap to accompany it. Television X for the win at the UKAFTAs tonight! Can’t wait.

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