Who will I get to sit next to at the UKAFTAs?


I’ve just been looking at the seating plan for tomorrow night at the UKAFTAs and I’m really wondering who I’ll end up sitting next to. We’ve got two tables so it really could be anyone! On one table we’ve got a gaggle of Satanic Sluts and on the other table we’ve got Linsey Dawn Mckenzie! And that’s not to mention porn legend Ben Dover who no doubt will be sitting next to my sexy little friend Syren Sexton. We’ve also got my mate Jay Snake and his rather delicious girlfriend Claudia Rossi. I don’t think I should sit next to them, as I can guarantee I will not stop starring at Claudia! Jay is a pretty tall bloke and quite frankly I wouldn’t want to put myself in the position of eyeing up his beautiful missus. Luckily, I’ve got steamy Starr and callgirls favourite Crystal Pink to turn my attentions to hehe. Now I just have to decide what to wear. Full suit or just shirt and tie. Hmm. Right I’m off home to make myself worthy enough to sit with a table full of pornstars.

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