Andy Ide Night


Tomorrow we’ve got a very special night on televisionX. It’s not just any other themed night, this is a night you can get your missus involved in! Andy Ide, porn producer extraordinaire, makes porn that even girls like. And I don’t just mean the type of randy girls that like porn anyway! This is porn for couples basically. Don’t worry though, there’s a few tasty girl/girl shows thrown in for good measure like the episode of Planet Lolly that’s got fittie Katie K in it!
There is also one of my favourite shows that I’ve seen all year. It’s the very first episode of Whatever She Wants starring the ultra-small and ultra-sexy Jools. This was the first hardcore show she ever did and it’s just so natural the way she comes over and over and over again impaled on Jay Snake’s massive shaft! I’ve shown this to a few of my female friends and every one of them agreed that this scene has so much “chemistry”. All girliness aside it’s one steamy scene, and if it get’s the lasses interested then that’s an added bonus. Anyway, make sure you tune in tomorrow. It’s on televisionX 1 which is Sky channel 903. And definitely, don’t let the wife out for her girly night out, she’s staying in to watch the Andy Ide night instead!

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