Callgirl Focus: Georgie


I’m really chuffed because I’ve managed to not make plans this weekend which means that for once, I can stay in, guilt-free and watch callgirls Live. It’s brilliant now we’ve got the live streaming as the girls can be so much naughtier on the webcams that they are on the normal cams.
One of my favourite girls is on both nights of the weekend so I’m dead excited about watching her mmm! I got to interview her recently and as there’s been a lot of requests lately in the forums to see some sexy pictures of the beautiful Georgie I thought I’d post some here along with the highlights of her interview!


What made you decide to join callgirls?
The girls all looked fun and sexy…I’m an exhibitionist at heart, so I couldn’t wait to get on that sofa and start wiggling around for all those horny guys!

What’s your favourite position?
Now…this is a hard one as there are sooo many to choose from. I do love to get it real hard doggy style, having my hair pulled…you know, a bit of rough sex…but I also like to be on top because then I can really ride it and get that cock touching all the right places…I really get off on watching a guys face and him watching my tits bouncing while I am bouncing on his fat dick…heaven!

What’s the weirdest thing a caller has ever asked you?
Is there really one thing? I’m open to a lot of fetishes so nothing really seems weird to me…I believe everything must have it’s horny side to it so unless you’ve tried it you can’t really judge something as weird…I guess!

Would you ever consider going out with a caller?
Oh yes definitely…some of you guys really do sound so sexy on that phone…and you get me going rather than the other way around…hehe!


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