Andy Ide Interview


Andy Ide is the brains behind two of brand new shows, Alleycats and the very naughty Suburban Perversions. Check out this interview I did recently…
Your previous shows Bitch In A Box and Wriggle & Pout were both really popular. Suburban Perversions and Alleycats looks set to be just as interesting. How on earth do you come up with your ideas?

It usually depends on the series. Some of them don’t really need ideas from one show to the next. The umbrella idea for Bitch In A Box for instance — literally kicking each show off with a model packed in a box and then fucked in a suitably dominant way — was all that was needed. Other series need kind of mini ideas to kick them off. Wriggle & Pout was like that. We shot both series in these two big houses, full of different props and furniture, and each show needed a different identity to kick things off. I spotted a big wicker chair and it was just like the one from that famous image of Sylvia Kristel in the first Emmanuelle movie and that
got me thinking about the very phallic Cadbury’s Flake ads from the 70s, so we started the scene with the model in the chair licking a Flake. Just something a little bit different to kick the scene off with. Then with a series like Suburban Perversions obviously you need a stronger, narrative-driven idea for each show — you’re telling a little story. Hence we had the shows with the little girl playing with the family gimp and the housewife getting fucked by the milkman. In the latter case, the milkman idea is quite a corny idea so I wanted to make it a bit more leftfield, which we were able to do with the hardcore version by having the milkman introduce four other ‘milkmen’ into the scene halfway through and ejaculate on the housewife, spunk = milk.

Which is your favourite episode of Suburban Perversions- either to have filmed or to watch back?

Usually when I’m filming I’m working hard to shoot it as best I can but the scene with Ashley Ryder playing Pascal’s step-daughter and seducing him in the bathroom was a lot of fun to do. The way they improvised through the scene was hysterical, all that stuff with Ashley asking how good she was compared to her mum, getting dirtier and dirtier. Usually when I have fun shooting a scene it’s when there’s real sex happening in front of me and I really enjoy capturing that heat on camera. The milkman scene with Kia was like that — it was her fantasy to have a load of blokes cum on her face while she was getting fucked and the final, editing scene works very well. Actually, her complete fantasy was to have them piss over her afterwards which I shot but obviously we couldn’t transmit. She had a great day.

Did anything naughty happen off camera?

We don’t really have time! I shoot all of my own stuff so we do a hardcore version first then go back into make-up and do the softcore afterwards. It doesn’t leave too many minutes in the day.

You’ve stated before that Nadia was your favourite pornstar to work with. Who was really good to work with on Suburban Perversions?

Ashley’s great because she plays the cheeky little girlie character really well. Syren Sexton’s like that too. They both have this innocent, teasing sweetness but then they can switch on this demanding, dominating spoilt brat-ness that works brilliantly. And of course Kia was a pleasure to work with. I love great-looking middle-aged women getting all hot and horny.

Are there any stars that you haven’t worked with yet but would really like to?

Not in terms of girls. The number of girls coming into the industry has risen over the last 18 months, which is great because whenever I start preparing a new series there are usually enough new faces who I like the look of and want to cast. I much prefer working with new faces than I do established stars — there’s a greater likelihood of them being turned on by the situation.

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