Lots of girls tend to dress up as cats for Halloween don’t though? Much sexier than witches. Cats are slinky and like to rub up against you when they want something. I reckon our Alleycats would be a bit like that at a fancy dress party.
Alleycats starts next Saturday. The very first episode has got two of my favourite performers in it: Jay Snake and Syren Sexton. She looks seriously hot in this episode. One of the girls in the office saw me looking at the stills earlier and commented that her whole look was really cool. Apparently this is the sort of hair, make-up and costume that the girls here wished they could pull off! I told them that I’d be happy to see them all wearing it but I think they took my comment as pervy not complimentary!
Anyway, this series looks set to be amazing. Syren told me herself that you can literally see her coming so hard on screen and boy, I can’t wait to see that! The episode I’m really looking forward to though is the one where Jay gets to fuck his missus, Claudia Rossi. She’s a euro-hottie and a half that one! Anyway guys, keep your eyes peeled for Alleycats, it’ll be on televisionX every Saturday of November.

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