Daisy Rock on Trisha

Apparently Daisy Rock is such an awesome and well-know star that she’s going to be on Trisha! It’s already been filmed and Daisy has documented her experience in depth on her blog and she seems rather bemused by Trisha and the whole experience. It’s going to air in November so I’ll definitely be looking out for that one! Here’s what Daisy said about it…
My interview started really well and I discussed the fact that we all have sex for pleasure and that the porn I make I believe fills a consumers market. Trisha tried to make some joke out of the fact that my boyfriend enjoys my lifestyle with me, she wanted to make a big thing out of it so I just humoured her and giggled and said “yes he is a bit kinky”, and the audience seemed to enjoy my answers. She also tried to make a bad joke about how sex at home for me could be different and not listening to my answer she over talked me and acted out a very bad porn scene and said “don’t tell me you do this at home”, I then said to her that she had been watching to much American Porn and the Brits don’t do it like that. I know she felt a bit of an idiot, I threw everything back at her. I met with some of the audience after and they said they were interested in what I had to say and loved my answers, so I did well with the audience and enlightened them to the positive side of my porn lifestyle.
Daisy Rock is a smart lady and articulate too. Check out her sexy self getting frisky with Karlie Simon and Elle Brook in Lolly’s Dollies.

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