Behind the scenes with Syren Sexton

We’ve known for some time how downright sexy our Geordie babe Syren Sexton is and now it seems so have Zoo Magazine! If you grab today’s copy you will see Sarah Barker (aka Syren Sexton!) looking seriously hot.
I snapped the above photos on my mobile when we interviewed her last week and she’s as stunning in real life as she is on screen. Lucky me! I watched the full, uncensored version of the second episode of Charlie Britton Exposed and watched her having a wee in the shower and Ben Dover licking her clean (too cheap to buy bog paper apparently). One thing that really struck me when watching this was how amazing her tits look when she’s getting fucked. Honestly, they move in just the most perfect way, it’s astounding. It has to be seen to be believed. It’s all very well salivating over pics of her in Zoo (which, to be fair, I’ve been doing all day long- the page has just been open on my desk!) but it’s nowt until you see her in action! On that note, I’ll leave you with some very very nice pictures of the gorgeous Syren Sexton that are from the same photo shoot. Wahey!

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