Syren Sexton

Well, I am a very lucky Mole. Yesterday I got to meet the very lovely and extremely pretty Syren Sexton. Let me tell you, she is a proper fittie off-screen as well as on! In between telling us how much she likes old men and giggling over the size of Jay Snake’s manhood, this northern beauty revealed just how much she loves being in porn. She hasn’t been in the business long, but you can tell she has a glittering career ahead of her.
Today I’m going to relive my favourite Syren Sexton moment: St Teenycums episode 3. Syren plays Emma, whom Miss Britton catches wearing a strap-on, the naughty minx! Unfortunately she wasn’t wearing a strap-on when I met her, but she was in fishnets and lingerie so it wasn’t all bad hehe! Anyway, back to St Teenycums, as a ‘punishment’ Emma and Crystal Pink get a good seeing to from Charlie Britton and Flash Barry (Ben Dover and Tony James). I love watching Syren get her cute pink lips (both pairs!) around Ben Dover’s manhood. You really get the feeling that these two have a proper connection, much more so than you see in some porn. Anyway this is an awesome episode and Crystal Pink is brilliant in it too!

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