Celebrity Sex Merchandise

Celebrities will put their name on any old tat these days. A few years ago pop-rapper 50 Cent claimed he was going to make a dildo in his own phallic image (even the beeb reported this as true!) but I have scoured the internet and found no photographic evidence of this. My guess is that no reputable shop would want to stock a sex toy made by somebody who can’t even make that good music!

Duran Duran’s former guitarist, Warren Cuccurullo actually made a proper foray into the industry by modelling nude and releasing a few of his own videos. So I guess it wasn’t too much of a leap when he released a dildo modelled after himself. He has been in porn after all!
I surveyed all the people on my desk in the office (male and female) as to whether they’d feel comfortable using a phallus or fake vagina of a celebrity and there was a general consensus that you’d only use it if you found that celebrity attractive. George Clooney: yes, Ron Jeremey: no. Jenna Jameson: yes, Sarah Jessica Parker: no.

I think this may go a long way to explaining why there are no 50 Cent dildos in existence…

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