Keni Styles

We’ve got a really awesome interview of Keni Styles up on the website. I think he’s quite a funny and articulate dude so I thought I’d give you guys a bit of peek.

Cock size:
Why would any mentally balanced guy measure their cock? I think that is hilarious, erm and a little narcissistic. I’m definitely not small, or skinny but I also know I’m not extremely massive. I don’t think that I would want to be? There are a lot of very big boys in the game and it’s easy to loose perspective. I have never had a complaint so that’s what keeps me happy.”

What made you get into the adult industry?
I just followed my dick as most guys do! Then somehow I ended up in movies. Everything I have done in the adult industry has just been a natural progression and I believe that to doing what you really ‘want’ in life is the fast lane to happiness. Needless to say, yes I’m a very happy in my life and my job right now. I got into this because it I wanted to.

Do people ever recognise you in the street?
Yes I get recognized now and then, but only really in the UK not so much in Europe. Airports and train stations are the most common places, oh and it is surprising how many cabbies watch porn too. Anyway I am always very flattered and everyone is always very polite. It’s never anything outrageous like “OI! PERVERT!”.Most of the time they come over, looking around as if someone’s watching and say something like, “Er… its Keni init?…is it?…yeah! nice one geeza, I seen some of your stuff mate!… Lucky bastard!!” and that’s it. They shake my hand, we laugh and they walk off. I think I am quite a modest bloke but I can’t lie, it’s cool, I get a bit of a buzz.

So it’s official (according to Keni Styles at any rate) that cabbies rate their porn. Brilliant. Check him out in this brand new hardcore version of Fuck Ghetto.

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