Giving it some lip

The area of east London that I live in is quite estatey and although it’s not much like Council Estate Skanks, it is definitely more like Girlz With Attitude. It’s like this, Council Estate Skanks is a more provincial pikeys getting pounded sort of show whereas Girlz With Attitude has a more tattooed, punk-ass fuck-you-up feeling to it. The sort of chavs that you find on market-town council estates differ wildly from the kind of creatures you find lurking in shadows on inner-city council estates.
And it’s with this in mind that I bid a sad farewell to Girlz With Attitude tonight. It’s the last episode so it’s bound to be a cracker and I can only hope that Lala and what some on the forums describe as “The mysterious Havana” are plotting to team up again together to terrify and excite men across the land.
The girls stop a stud to ask for directions and stupidly enough he gets in the car to show them the way. Obviously this turned out pretty fucking good for him but I actually live in this area and you’d be a damn fool to get in the car with anyone you don’t know! Mind you, saying that, Lala and Havana have never asked me for directions so who knows what I’d actually do!
This guy wakes up completely tied up and the girls demand to be fucked senseless. Happily, he obliges but I think I would too if I had a pool cue at my throat! Check it out tonight at 10pm on televisionX to see these sex-fiends indulge in another hardcore-heist.

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