Music is my hot hot sex

Instead of slobbing out on the sofa watching my new Bill Hicks DVD last night, I ended up getting pissed with a group of bearded skinny Norwegians. This is not a regular occurrence for me, but my new flatmate is a music journo so she dragged me out for drinks with this band called Casio Kids. I actually had quite an interesting conversation with them about music in porn. They stated that they’d love to make music for porn and they knew none too few musicians that aspire to be porn musicians.
After such an odd-ball night I’ve promised to take my flat-mate to a porn party if she takes me to another interview. However, she’s told me the next one on the list is a girl band called Dolly Rockers. After having googled them I’ve decided it’s best I don’t go along. These babes were on XFactor and are like a teen version of Girls Aloud. Small, cute, very very young-looking and smoking hot! They’re actually about 20 so they’re not technically jail-bait but they definitely look it!
Personally, I’d like to see ‘em on TVX Factor as they’d blatantly win that show they’re that hot!

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