Council Estate Skanks

Well, I wouldn’t normally say yes to this question, but looking at these pictures of Alysha Leigh in upcoming show Council Estate Skanks, I am rather tempted to stand up and say “Yeh, chavs can be sexy”.
Alysha’s dressed like a typical chav, Croydon facelift, gold hoop earrings, tiny little tracksuit and to top it all off she’s snogging (the only word to describe what she’s doing!) Stefan Hard whilst smoking what is undoubtably a lambert & butler fag. Unfortunately, she’s not wearing a kappa tracksuit but I wouldn’t be surprised if she had just got home from Iceland when Stefan pounced on her.
Stefan gets her out of her yellow tracksuit quick sharpish and Alysha’s got a pretty good body. Nice natural tits, tanned body and quite slim too. He fingers her, licks her out, fucks her in all sorts of naughty positions before he cums in her mouth. See, this is how you have to treat chavettes; it’s not so much a ‘treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen’ type of affair, more take charge and pound them senseless before they get a chance to open their mouths!
This show looks superb and will begin airing on televisionX, Sky channel 903 next month. I will obviously be giving you guys more news as and when I know but here’s this exciting image to leave you with.

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