Tattoos in rude places

As you guys all know, I do quite like girls with tattoos. Not all of them mind, I genuinely don’t think they should all have them, but I do like the variety of having some girls with them. Which is why I’m loving the new episode of Jim Slip’s Coast to Coast that’s just been uploaded. Jim gets to meet Sasha who has tattoos just above her lady bits! A girl’s gotta have a shaven snatch for that sort of body art! That’s probably why I like it so much. Because I know she has to maintain her undergrowth to stop it from looking weird. See, it’s these type of things which keep our girlies looking top-notch.
Jim knows the type of seaside girls who like it hardest and soon enough Sasha is bouncing her pierced, shaven and tattooed slit (oh, the porn trinity!) all over Jim’s pervy cock. She even gives him a tit-wank and it’s brilliant to see a lass so good at it that she can suck it off at the same time!! I hope I get to see Sasha in a lot more stuff ‘cos she’s young, hot, blonde, and I loved watching her get pounded by Jim so much that I can’t wait to see what happens when she lets someone like Jay Snake have a go!

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