Skint and Broken: perfect for a weekend of tvx orgies

So as you all know I love going to the west country and I made a mid-week sojourn there. I am now skint and broken. So I’m going to be spending a weekend alone watching hardcore vids on the tvx website so I don’t have to go out and spend money. As this means I’m going to be alone all weekend I’ve decided to theme my viewing around group sex. I love orgies and I’ve only had the personal pleasure twice. It’s weird the first time but by the second time you are more accustomed to it and then it’s amazing!
This is my favourite hardcore orgy vid on televisionX.co.uk

because it has so many of the hottest stars on tvx. Plus it’s got every thing you could ever ask for: anal, facials, milkshakes of spunk and Lolly Badcock in a cape! The new series of Party Animals starts soon and I literally can’t wait! The first episode of the second series is starts on Monday 6 October so I might go have a little sneak peek at the first episode come Monday so I can tell you all the naughty things that happen in it!

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