Small but sexy

Sexy but small Jools stars in tonight’s episode of Jobs For The Boys. I’ve been a fan of hers since I saw her debut in Whatever She Wants and I decided to follow her career avidly since then. She’s only wee and Jay Snake (all 9.5” of him) is pounding her like mad in this show! Being the trouper that she is she’s bouncing all over the place and you can tell she’s seriously into it. Actually, I would say it’s one of the realest and most passionate scenes I have ever seen in porn! And I have seen A LOT of porn! Even Jay himself says “I had great chemistry with Jools, it was her first time and her reactions were very natural, she just kept cuming!”

I almost didn’t recognize her in this episode of Jobs For The Boys as she was wearing a very long brunette wig. She’s a Hollywood actress from the ‘50s who’s desperate to have a go on her co-star’s cock. Even her mouth is small but she manages to accommodate Clarke’s lengthy shaft down the back of her throat. This episode is amazing, and I’m really enjoying this series so far! Tune in at 10pm tonight on televisionX so you can see Jools get her brains fucked out.

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