televisionX.co.uk site updates!

We’ve been pimping up the site for you quite a lot lately, including interviewing loads of pornstars so you can hear all their racy secrets. The full interview I did with Katie K is now up, along with interviews with Daisy Rock, Crystal Pink, Paige Ashley, Havana, and male stars Tony James and Jon Janes. You can read all their interviews on the pornstar page.

Katie loved doing the interview and told me that she’s just set up a fan page on Facebook. Naturally I went straight there and became a fan instantly! It’s really worth a look (and showing her some love by becoming a fan!) as there’s some photos of her on there I’d never seen before! She tells me she’s going to keep it updated pretty regularly so I hope there’ll be pics every so while. Check it out here:

I really enjoyed watching Katie in Nymphic Games and we’ve just uploaded the hardcore episode that’s got Shay Hendrix and Cyprus Isles* in it. The girls are looking sexy in their tiny yellow gym shorts and they get sent off for a cross-country run by Miss Britton. With the cunning of true Teenycums sluts, they blag their way out of it by promising to suck off Tony James. He gets to bang both girls in frenzied threesome eventually spunking all over their faces to give them a creamy facial. Shay looks closed-eyes-ecstatic as the cum fills her mouth and Cypress looks eager to get some down her as she snowballs it out of Shay’s mouth. Miss Britton walks in at the end and as she’s berating the girls for skiving off you can clearly see the jizz dripping down their chins! Brilliant!

I love giving you exclusive news and if Cypress isn’t a familiar face to you, then she will be soon as she’s in next week’s episode of Jobs For The Boys! More on that next week though…

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