Jim Slip’s Coast to Coast

Sundays are awesome aren’t they? Nothing happens so you get to catch up with everything you missed throughout the week. And tonight I’m catching up on Jim Slip’s Coast to Coast. I’ll be totally honest with you here (and god bless the anonymity of my mole guise) I’ve already seen this episode and well, I thought the girl in it was pretty unique looking. Now, I know I shouldn’t say that but hey, it’s personal opinion right? Everyone has different tastes and that’s one of my favourite things about televisionX: they actually do have girls to suit all tastes! I’ve flicked onto some of the other porn channels (strictly in the name of research, mind) and the girls look like carbon copies of each other. Massive inflated fake tits and blonde hair and extensions. Now some girls can pull this off and do it oh so well but these other channels just have the crap ones. Anyway, back to Jim Slip… Jim gets it y’know. Girls look nice when they’re not enhanced and Maisie is certainly au natural! Jim doesn’t discriminate. He bangs girls of all types. Watch the repeat tonight at 22:45pm only on televisionX. Little heads-up for you before I dash off to the pub: firstly this episode of Jim Slip features a bloody brilliant cream-pie (Jim=comedic genius) and secondly next week’s episode has Shay Hendrix in it. Yay!

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