Planet Lolly

Everyone knows Lolly Badcock is a dirty perv, that goes without saying pretty much. Some might say she’s a bad influence on girls: encouraging them to be filthy sluts like her and corrupting fresh and innocent young minds. Other say she’s a role model and there are tones of girls who look up to her. In this new hardcore video Lolly is passed out in the park wearing nothing but a skimpy outfit when Katie K (in her cute little school uniform) stumbles across her and instantly recognizes her. Other than all the lesbian sex in this vid, my favourite bit is Lolly’s response: “If you know who I am, that means you watch porn…. And that means you WANK!”
Lolly makes Katie K strip in the park and leads her about by her school tie pass bewildered people and bewildered people in cars or taxis. She takes Katie back to her place and they have some pretty dirty sex, including letting a peeping tom in to watch and Lolly banging Katie with a strap-on. This is a great girl girl video. There’s just something about Katie’s milky-white slim body bouncing about on a seasoned pro like Lolly (I judge that by shoots not by age- Lolly B is really fit) that gets me rock solid.
I’m becoming quite the fan of Katie. This week I’ve actually had the extreme pleasure of talking to her and she’s such a lovely and incredibly dirty girl! But, more on that tomorrow…

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