Claudia Rossi

Claudia Rossi is smoking hot. That is a fact. I’ve met her as well. She was fit in real life too, and she had glasses on-very sexy! The only downside to her, and this is only a minor quibble, is that she’s going out with Jay Snake! Much as I like the guy I can’t help but feel a bit envious towards him.
A mole can dream though, so I know I’ll be staying in to watch Jobs For The Boys tonight. Admittedly, I already watched it in the office earlier but I haven’t got plans tonight and frankly it is just that good. Claudia’s got really nice natural tits; they look very biteable, if you know what I mean! She’s not wearing much either, just this skimpy and completely skin-tight pvc number. Mmm, sexy. It’s quite a short number so she gets it unzipped to show off her pert chest and then pushes the dress up so Clarke Kent can get his dick in her in all sorts of naughty positions. Personally, I prefer the bits when Claudia is all tied up, than when she’s dominating Clarke and I will definitely be thinking about having her all tied up for me when I watch it!

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