TVX Factor… Way better than it’s namesake!

I’m not a massive fan of reality shows. I actually think they suck balls. Luckily, TVX Factor literally sucks balls! There’s no cheesy presenter who’s face is plastered over every shit show on television; it’s just good ol’ Phil, Michelle Thorne (mmm) and that weird Chicken Man who, personally, am not that keen on. It’s just people who are either shit at fucking (norms) and people who are ace at fucking (pornstars). Basically, the norms aren’t bad per se at sex, it’s more they just don’t know what angles are good to show off their bodies, what faces look good on them when they cum, that sort of thing. Either that or they’re old, like the geezer Suzie Best nearly had to bang. Luckily this episode is pretty good. As soon as Louise comes out looking smoking in that polka dot dress, you know this is a good ‘un. Then, the good lord of porn smiled upon us and sent an angel in the shape of Danny Mountain to make this extra-good. He whaps his piece out and she has a good suck. They get down to it and her tits bounce in the most loveliest way. Check out Phil Barry’s face about half way through- the man is engrossed! Louise even climbs up on the judges desk so he can have a proper close-up look. Honestly, to my mind, this is the best one so far.

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