EXCLUSIVE: I chat with Danny Mountain!

Now those of you in the know are probably wondering how I got to have this little bit of face-time with Mr. Mountain and no, sadly I didn’t get a work outing to America [makes mental note of suggesting this to someone high up]. Thanks to time differences and the power of the internet, Danny took time out of his incredibly busy schedule to answer my questions!
Danny is quite a young chap and has already forged out quite the career for himself. Now settled in sunny LA, he is married to hot pornstar Eva Angelina and they’re expecting their first child! How’s that for a charmed bloody life! After we got the vital statistics out the way (much as it pains me to ask another guy how big his dick is, but the answer is 9”) we managed to down to some much tougher questions.
The guy is such a gent, when I asked him who his favourite pornstar to have sex with, he told me “My favorite girl to work with is obviously first off my wife Eva Angelina for many reasons!” I guess he kinda has to say that, and to be fair, he’s incredibly lucky that he can answer a question like that in such a way! After I leaned on him a bit he admitted that he’s good mates with Suzie Best and Yazmin as well, but shh! Don’t tell the missus!
Danny got into porn the way most young blokes dream of. He says “It just seemed like the perfect job and I took to it like a duck to water haha.” You can see why he took to it so well; those slightly bad-boy good-looks, an insatiable appetite for minge and a naturalness on camera which you know means he gets it. He’s there to fuck, basically. Off-screen he’s very personable, and his total adoration for his wife is very apparent. When I asked him what his favourite ever sex scene was he told me it was “when I met my wife working back in London last April”. I’m sure every girl who’s reading this is going “awww, I wanna sleep with him too now!” Well, you can’t. He lives in America and he’s married to a proper fit pornstar. However, you can watch his theme night this Friday on televisionX from 10:30pm onwards and wish you were one of the pornstars that got pounded by him!

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