Talk dirty to me…

I had a bit of an adventure last night. I know, I know, how very naughty of me to go out drinking on a school night. But, boy, am I glad I did! I went out in East London last night and I met this real firecracker in a proper cockney pub. Needless to say I lured her back to my bachelor pad as soon as they called last orders and had her knickers off faster than you can say “cum-guzzling slut”.
Now, a little confession: this was the first time I had sex in ages. Yes, I work in porn, but sadly that doesn’t mean I get to have sex as often as I watch it. So you can imagine it came as a bit of shock when this girl turned out to have the dirtiest mouth on her. She was coming out with all sorts of filth while I was banging her. I got right into it (as you do!) and I swear this girl would make an awesome pornstar considering some of the stuff she was coming out with. I know that we’re actually looking for new girls at the moment, and I did get this girl’s number but I’m wondering exactly how weird that would be to go from having shafted her up against my bedroom door to then being in a professional working relationship. Hmm, definitely one to think about.
In the mean time I think I’m just gonna settle back and watch a bit of sextalk Live tonight on televisionX 2. It’s encrypted which means not only will their language be filthy but what’s happening on screen will be too! Result! It’s on from midnight ‘til 2, so it’s a late one for me tonight and I’ll be hiding my yawns for another day running. Ah well, it’s worth it!

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