Exclusive News: Jobs For The Boys

You know I like to give you all a heads-up before stuff kicks off and today I have a corker for you. There’s this totally amazing new show starting next week and it looks so cool! It’s called Jobs For The Boys and it’s got Clarke Kent in it. The first episode starts next Thursday (11-9) at 10pm so it’s worth tuning in!
The basic premise of the show (I love it when porn shows have a ‘premise’) is “the ultimate job, the dream job.  These lucky lads must get all the babes falling at their feet – what a life.” Each episode is a dream job from a different decade so the first episode is set in the ‘40’s and Clarke is Lord Spitroast, a war-time fighter pilot. He gets tortured by his arch-nemesis, the evil villainess Vespa Deville, who’s played by Claudia Rossi (she’s a hot Slovakian babe).
There’s a little free clip you can watch on the televisionX homepage. It’s the middle one, in between Jim Slip and Girlz With Attitude. Check it out, it’s awesome!

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