So, it’s the beginning of September, which is a time of year that inevitably makes me think of school. There was this blonde girl that was in my tutor group and she was one of the most popular girls in school. She was a total bitch to the other girls but she was popular because she was sporty and fit in that chavvy way that was in the in-thing during the mid ‘90s. You could always tell the popular kids at my school; they were the one in nike air-max while the rest of us plebs were in plimsolls.
Anyway, to bring me to my actual point: this girl was the first girl in my school year to lose her virginity. I’m not going to say when, but be sure, it was pretty early as she was a dirty slag. It was a total watercooler moment. Everyone knew about it, and literally everyone was talking about it. According to Durex, worldwide the average age for losing your virginity is 17.3! Does make you wonder what the average porn virginity is. I don’t mean what age your average pornstar lost his/her virginity but what the age they got into porn. Check out these two porn newbies banging for the first time on camera. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that it’s not their first time in front of a camera as such (hometapes, anyone?) as they seem to know where to look and where to angle their bodies to get the best look. The best thing about this vid is not that they’re really attractive but that they look like normal people and yet they don’t seem amateur. They literally could be you or me! I’m a bit of a secret fan of the Hardcore Virgins series. You’ve just gotta love someone trying something out for the first time, pornstars or not!

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