Sybian Lovin’

Apparently Howard Stern has his own sybian machine. He got it for his birthday. I don’t think there are many men who’s genuinely appreciate getting a sybian, other than him. They are pretty pricey ($1315!) and what exactly is a man gonna do with it?? Howard Stern invites women on his radio show to use it so I guess he’s got a decent reason for owning one.

Dr G Spot also has a pretty damn good reason for owning one. Out of all the girls I’ve seen lured to his ‘surgery’, I do think Judy is one of the hottest. He’s quite a lucky fucker really, when you think about it. All these hot girls turning up on his doorstep found his add somewhere, so some ugly bint could have found it not, these hot nubile young things.

Judy has great tits and she looks awesome flailing about on Dr G Spot’s equipment. Definitely worth a watch on a rainy Tuesday!

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