Why being a teenager was great

Another Monday morning, another heavy weekend. I’m feeling a bit delicate this morning after a very heavy Saturday night. I’ve decided it’s actually not fair that despite having slept all day yesterday I still feel like a one-man-sketchathon today. Seriously, what happened to the days of being young and carefree and being able to drink cider until the sun came up and not feel like utter shit for three days afterwards. Now, whenever I go out, I look at all these kids drinking gallons of beer in pubs and feel twinges of jealousy, knowing that if I tried to do that I’d be incapacitated for an entire week! Have I drunk through all of my quota of hang-over-free-passes? Probably.
So today is a day of celebrating being young, getting fucked up and getting fucked. I’m a big fan of the Naked City series and the new hardcore episode that’s been uploaded to the site is no exception. Emily has a very fresh-faced innocence to her and she just looks totally natural. She does seem a bit nervous to be honest but I think she is actually loving it. Give her a couple more shoots and she’ll be banging like a seasoned pro. Check her sucking off Ian Tate in this amazing video. I’m off to drown myself in caffeine!

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