Tattoos and piercings

Pierced fannies are one thing you know, a bit ten to the dozen in porn, but other piercings are still a bit unusual. This is why I like girls like Shay Hendrix and Havana. These girls like to show a bit of individuality.

Shay’s got this really unique piercing on her face, just under her eye that I think it’s quite cool, if only because it makes her stand out. Also in her Bitch In A Box episode she’s got her lip pierced and it looks pretty hot!

Havana on the other hand, is just out and out rock chick. The girl is covered in tattoos and piercings. She’s got her septum pierced and I don’t normally like on girls but she’s makes up for it by having her nipple pierced. She’s got lovely pert and natural tits. I, for one, hope they stay that way. Don’t get me wrong I fucking love big tits (enhanced or not) but on a girl as slight as Havana, her tits really suit her frame and look amazing on her.

I reckon we’ll end up with a few more girls like this as time goes on. My thinking is that these girls are pretty adventurous with their bodies, who knows what limits they could take their porn to?? Well, I look forward to seeing the bright careers they have ahead of them.

Anyway, I’m hungover and I’m sloping off back to bed to nurse my pounding head.

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