Pin-up girls, Sailors and Pilots

So we’re at the end of our four-day week and to be honest with you I am knackered. I reckon I’ll just stay in tonight, put my feet up and settle in for the Carmel theme night tonight. Don’t worry though, I’m not staying in all weekend. Tomorrow I’m going to a burlesque night. Quite a few of my girl-mates do it and I love it. It provides me with a way to ogle my mates’s tits in a safe environment. In fact, if you think about it, they actively encourage you to stare at their tits. C’mon, nipple tassels and the ability to spin them are asking you to look! Anyway my friend is performing at an event tomorrow put on by Corset and Diamonds and I’m well excited as she’s proper good at burlesque.

I love the effort these girls go to with their costumes. They all look so glamorous, even when they’re almost naked. That’s why I love I Worship Pantyhose. All the girls go to amazing lengths with their outfits despite the fact they get ripped off but I think that’s the whole fun of dressing up. Watch Cate Harrington and Lolly Badcock rip their clothes right off each other for rimming and dildo fun. Best way to end a Friday work day!

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